Richard Potter

Richard Potter (1783 to 1835) was one of the most successful and famous magicians in the first half of the nineteenth century. Stories about his exploits were still being told decades after his death. The amazing part, as most know, is that he was black. I got chills when I saw advertisements in North Carolina newspapers for his show that were on the same page as reward notices for run-away slaves. I really enjoyed reading the following advisement for his show in the February 1, 1811 issue of the Rhode Island  American. The image is a bit hard to read, but then it is from a scan of a 200 year old newspaper. Do take the time to read it over and imagine how the show must have looked to his audience. Now this would be the highlight of any convention. Do notice that he does some rather modern card tricks….and not one card fan production!!

Hope you enjoyed and good hunting

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